• i help forward-thinking venture funds scale the value they bring to their portfolio + community.

  • platform

    providing resources + knowledge + network beyond the capital


    enabling peer-to-peer learning

    internal operations

    building bespoke infrastructure

    brand + marketing

    deploying events and content to tell a differentiated story

  • why now?

    founders want more from you

    in a world where capital is quickly becoming a commodity, founders are desperately seeking more from their VCs. the best VCs add value beyond the board meeting - from helping hire senior management to connecting founders to potential key customers.

    you are already behind the competition

    of the early-stage tech funds represented in Forbes Midas 2017 list, 65% have resourced a dedicated platform function. as the best deals become more and more competitive, it is increasingly difficult to differentiate. founders are savvy in investor due diligence - they will hear from your portfolio about how you are (or aren't) directly helping them grow their companies.

    1:1 does not scale

    it's great that your partnership has strong working relationships with your founders - but that doesn't scale as your portfolio grows. platform harnesses network effects - your knowledge base, community, and reach only grows with each investment.

  • what i've previously built

    made of the internet, llc is my vehicle for personal projects + consulting.

    bespoke platform strategy

    bringing scale + infrastructure to the way that a fund adds value to their portfolio + measuring success

    fund rebrand

    revamping the visual identity and retelling the fund's story

    event strategy

    utilising events for high dealflow + best-practice sharing ROI

    email/content marketing

    building impactful, long-form content driven from founders' needs and targeted, robust email campaigns

    internal systems

    implementing + connecting internal tech to streamline dealflow, marketing, and platform ops

    portfolio community

    enabling peer-to-peer learning through online and offline community

    mentor/advisory network

    leveraging the fund's existing network to fill in founders' knowledge gaps

    new market entry

    establishing a fund's brand and building partner relationships in a new market

  • who i am

    first platform hire in european tech VC - built 'full-stack' platform + marketing strategy for a seed-stage fund from scratch as first non-partner hire


    international authority in venture platforms

    forbes 30 under 30 2017


    founder of eu internal ecosystem builders, a vibrant community of 90+ platform professionals


    first female president of tech@nyu, nyc's largest student designer + developer org


    founding partner of dorm room fund nyc